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Hi! I am
Dace Garsila,
UI/UX Designer.

Passioned about 
transforming product essence
into visual journeys

 15+ years of experience in marketing and design have provided me with expertise and skills that I am expanding further in UI/UX mastery.

My natural intuition for colour and composition, combined with a deep curiosity about people's behaviour, perception, and marketing, allows me to create visually appealing designs that fulfil both - the needs of the end users and business.

In addition to my hard skills, I also have a reputation for being a collaborative and harmonious team player. I believe that creating a positive and inclusive team environment is essential for creativity and long-term collaboration success.

Adding Value to Your Team



Design That Speaks to Your Audience

Excellent intuition and skills in design, marketing, perception


Collaborative and Accountable Team Player

Strong interpersonal skills, dedicated and accountable


Continuous Growth and Development

Flexible and adaptable,
willing to learn and grow

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