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Skilloom cover UI design



"Skilloom" is a digital tool designed for streamlining HR work.

Looking for a superhero among hundreds of resumes? Let AI-powered HR tool do the heavy lifting for you!

Challenge: To develop a digital tool that assists recruitment specialists in quickly screening candidates. The goal is to find the most effective way to represent the interpretation of analyzed data using artificial intelligence, combining the assessment of candidate emotions with the accuracy of their test responses.

Client: Project conducted as part of the "Riga Tech Girls" mentorship program in collaboration with owner of "Skilloom"

Role: UX Designer, UI Designer

Date: 2023

1. Research

The main focus of the competitor research was:

Data Visualisation

Visual representation of emotions captured by artificial intelligence.

AI Usage

Examining the possibilities of utilizing artificial intelligence in candidate selection through data acquisition and processing.

HR Tools

Exploring HR candidate screening tools and their functions.

2. Ideation

During the ideation phase, the most challenging questions revolved around developing a complex data visualization and assessment generating tool.

Emotion Data Visualization

Exploring ways to present emotion data obtained through artificial intelligence analysis effectively.

Reports Visualization

Determining how and what information to visualize in reports for HR purposes to evaluate applicants.

Creating a Tool for Assessment Generating

Developing a highly intuitive and user-friendly method for user generated assessments.

3. Prototyping

01 Wireframe_desktop_Skilloom.png
02 Wireframe_desktop_Skilloom.png
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